Friday, November 09, 2007

Best of 2007

Now that this year is coming to end, I thought it would be fun to collect and list some of the best personal museum experiences in 2007. These experiences could be exhibitions, guided tours (or parts of them) interactives, anything on the wide scope of the museum field. You may have had these experiences anywhere in the world.

Let's share our experiences in the comments. You are allowed to leave anonymous comments, or you can use a nick or your real name without having to register.

I will start by revealing that the best exhibition I saw this year (so far) was....


Blogger Nina Puurunen said...

...Starring the HAT (Pääosassa HATTU) by Espoo City Museum!

I really liked how the exhibition first created expectations in me, and then step by step filled them. The thematic approach was well thought and the content made me think about covering the head -issue from new perspectives. The exhibition was visually appealing and just the "right" size (=not overwhelming). You might argue, that it easy to do a good job with material that is not contraversial or "difficult" in terms of representation. That's probably true too, but in the category of collection displays, this was the top for me this year.

1:58 AM  
Anonymous Miisa said...

My "eye-opener of 2007" was an exhibit in Tallinn City Museum. In the part "Under Lenin's flag" dealing with the Soviet era, there are three covered windows with bars. Behind the bars there are pictures of things that were forbidden for the Estonians during the Soviet regime. One of the windows displays things that refer to Finland and the Finns. For example, there's a picture of the boat 'Georg Ots', that that brought Finns over to buy cheap vodka but on which the Estonians were not allowed. There's also the owl of Finnish Commercial TV reminding about the channels they weren't permitted to watch etc. I had never thought about how Finns and Finland were looked at from Estonian perspective and I experienced this very impressive. Plus I have to give credit of the innovative use of the covered windows! Very simple, but very effective.

12:45 AM  
Anonymous henna said...

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Blogger Alexandra Alves said...

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